Luxury Villa "surin"

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This concept is meant to fulfill your luxury lifestyle in a modern design with a lot of space for everyone of your family members. The design is modern, paired with some loft alike elements.


The luxury villa Surin can also be used as rooms for rent. It is possible to make 4 complete units incl. kitchen, bed and bathroom. The stairs will then be at the "Open Air Entrance". So it´s possible to reach each apartment room separately. 

If this concepts is used as a private estate, there will be 4 units, each holding a bath and around 50 - 60 sqm each. 3 of the 4 units can be used as a bedroom, guestroom or even separate into 2 smaller rooms, sharing 1 bath.

As for now in the concept, 3 rooms come with kind of a dressing room. The rooms are designed to give a lot of space to unfurl. 

As same as all our concepts, if you like the design but want to make changes to the floor plans to fit your needs, please contact us and we will make each house fitting your needs.

For more information, please contact us.

Luxury poolvilla surin Concept

Living and kitchen: 57 sqm

Bath GF1 :5.7 sqm
Bed UF1: 44 sqm
BathUF1: 8.5 sqm
Bed GF2: 55 sqm
Bath GF2: 5 sqm
Bed UF2: 49 sqm
Bath UF2 : 4.4 sqm
Terrace and Pool: 87 sqm
Terrace/Balcony: 25 sqm

Hallway, Stairhouse : 27 sqm 

Garages: 43 sqm
Total: ~ 410 sqm

Living Space: 228 sqm
Land minimum: 28m*22 m = ~616 sqm 

khon kaen loft house builder
khon kaen loft house builder
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Dream Houses

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Pool Villa in Khon Kaen
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