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We are specialized for any kind of interior works incl. selfmade furniture to highest available standards in all different kinds of materials and plenty of the best available surfaces.


We are here to realize your visions and ideas to the highest level of perfection

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We are your Architect in Khon Kaen and Isaan who understands your needs and realizes your ideas for the perfect dream house in Khon Kaen.


From the first sketch or photos which present your ideas till the ready to move in building, we will give you the most professional Service and can do any changes at any time in the ongoing process.. We specialise only in quality residential and small commercial projects in Khon Kaen and Isaan  - no project is too small - and we guarantee you the attention to detail and quality of service you deserve.


Customised for you


We costomise any Ideas you have to your needs. We know, that no house should be the same due to every man and every woman has other ideas, daily requirements and other family sizes which means different needs for their home.


Your architect and contractor in Khon Kaen, Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, strives for the very best outcomes that match your lifestyle goals and will always provide you with honest and practical advice, and value for money. Our absolute priority is to ensure our clients are happy with the result and this, also for a long time. That's why we are dealing only with the best available quality on the market.


Sanmanoch&HOFMANN is your architect to contact in Khon Kaen, but also servicing in whole Thailand..

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Sanmanoch&HOFMANN might not be the cheapest way for house construction in Khon Kaen, but honestly, we actually are. We use best quality materials from the first beginning and never go back or try to cheat with low quality materials. We can guarantee, that you will have fun and joy with your house for a very long time. We don't like to finish a building and leave you behind, knowing, that you have to do first renovation works after a short time.


We want you to have your house in a new consition for many years, as you know it maybe from your home country, if there are western standards available. 


We want to give you these standards because we know, building a house is not an everyday's thing and is very special. Our clients shall enjoy and recommend us, not suffer from work wat has to be done to their new homes due to the construction company wasn't good enough.


We have a nice article on here. Please have a look. It's about building cheap, what many people do, and what many companies offer. Yes, you save money in the beginning, but what happens after a year? 


Thailand does not have prices as there were 20 years ago. You still get a non expensive house here, but you should not expect to pay 5% of the price you would pay in a western country.


Let's take a simple house, 2 bed, 2 bath , living and kitchen and give it around 100sqm.

We have seen companies selling this incl. land for 1,3m Thb.

If you just have a look of some construction materials, all the workers and the land prizes, you should realize, that this price can't be true, if you look for high quality materials and a house, what shall resist very hot weather and very wet rainy seasons for a period of 10 years or longer.


It starts with the wall bricks which are used and give you zero insulation. Also windows will give you know insulation at all, ceiling, roof...what makes your house a boiling room. 


Further, there is money saved on poles, beams and columns, which can bring you in danger due to the static is not guaranteed. 


We could continue with many more details about cheap building. We have learned a lot in the past 25 years about saving on materials and had also many clients coming to us and asked what to do to save their building and bring it to the standard which was originally in their minds. 


At the end, this costs you a lot more money than going straight to a professional architect and building company,.

We guarantee with our names, that we are a highly professional construction company and architecture / engineering office in Khon Kaen.


Contact us, and we make your dreams come true.