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You can hire Sanmanoch&HOFMANN for any job related to housebuilding, interiour or building planning.

We are professional in interiour furniture, legal building plans, safety and quality control for your building or building process and any building works you can imagine.

Extensions and Renovation

Your house is too old, too small or you need a Sala or garden house on your yard? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will come to your plot or house immediately and check together with you what your visions are and what can be done to which conditions.

For bigger renovations and extensions, we also will do a 3d design for you, so you can see how it will look when it's finished.

There is no job to small for us. Our prices are fair and our work is highly professional. Click here and let's build it!

Quality and Safety Control

You are building a house with another company and you are not sure if they doing it right or using the correct materials as stated in the contract and building plans? We will make sure for you, that the whole building process is legal, professional and to highest safety standards and that your hired company is responsible for the whole construction and the house is registered at the local office. We recommend 2 visits on each building stage at a minimum. Contact us now and you will be sure, you dream house is to 100% what you pay for. Botched-up construction work is very common in Thailand so let's make sure, your house is pure quality.

Any building or construction work
Swimming Pools

What do you need? A garden Wall, a WIndow, a door, an extension, a roof repaired, a car port, a "sala" in your garden, landscaping or simply a renovation? What about build in furniture, a new kitchen or add another room to your house?

Whatever it is - We are here for you to do it. Fair price and high standard materials is what our name stands for.

We also give warranty on our work. Contact us and let's start today

The question shouldn't be if you make a pool, the question should be how big shall it be and do you go for a salt water system or a classic chlorine pool! Any shape and any size and design we can build for you. Modern or classic, deep water for swimming and diving or a pool for the kids. Spa or Jacuzi, a Sauna or a Pool Bar. Classic lights or colour changing LED lights. We can do it all for you, if you tell us your visions. Simply click here and tell us. 

Selling your Real Estate

If you have anything to sell what has anything in common with property, we can do it for you for the lowest interets rate of 3%.

We charge you only, if your house, land or commercial building was sold by us. Contact us and we come around and do some fancy pictures which help selling your villa or house.

Landscaping and Gardening

No house and no luxury villa is perfect without the correct landscaping. We can design your garden in any way you like. Huge or artificial stones and little hills, flowers and plants up to full grown trees, fresh green grass without weed, a nice path or a pond, a nice path through your garden and park or garden illumination are just some points to improve your yard.

Contact us and we come to visit your plot and bringing own ideas and for sure, taking your visions serious!

Legal Building Plans and House Design

What would an architect and construction company be, without doing house designs and building plans.

You can check some designs here. If you have your own visions, tell us, how your house or villa shall look and we start immediately to design your house and make legal building plans for you. Our architects and engineers are registered and have an official certificate.

Depending on the house or project size, our building plans take around 2 weeks. 


The best comes for last: Our building plans are free if you decide to build your house with us. Building with us means you get high quality building materials between B+ to AAA+ grade. This depends on you and your budget.


We do not build C grade houses due to we give warranty to our clients. We want you to live in your house even after 15 years and it is still in a "new" condition. C grade houses can cause serious problems in safety and structure, the house may sink down which will end up in huge floor and wall crackings and worst case scenarios beams and columns will crack and the house can collapse.


Also all of our houses come with an anti termite system.


If you have any construction plans, please make sure, that your builder is a official company with registered architects and engineers and that they understand which grade they are using. A lot of companies say, they build with A grade but in reality they use C grade to make more money. If you already in building stage, please scroll up to Quality and Safety Control and make sure, you really get what you pay for and your building is legal and registered and the local office. 


Some companies say, your building does not need to be legalized or registered by the office, if you build in the outskirts. This is simply not true and you may lose your house or have to pull it down.


If you don't want to have any problems with your future house, please contact us now and let's start designing and building your dream house.

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pool villa khon kaen construction company

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