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Choosing your construction company in Thailand

Building Design: A Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Construction Company


Architectural design is a concept that focuses on the components of a structure or system and unifies them into a coherent and functional whole according to a specific methodology in achieving the goal under the given limitations. It is also the process that an architect goes through in their work for the construction of a building. Architecture comprises of numerous distinct elements including design, construction as well as the manipulation of light as it relates to shadow. For many centuries, architects have devised ways to create efficient and practical spaces using any materials that are available.  While planning is central to good design, such plans must be properly executed. For this reason we will also deal with how to choose the right construction partner.  Most areas of the U.S. have no loss of general contractors available, but you should be very careful in how you make your selection.  This guide can help you in your selection process, and we’ll include an example for a construction company that illustrates the qualifications you should look for.  Now let’s first tackle what goes into good design.




Aspects of a Good Construction Design

For the implementation of the design activities, a wide-ranging and integrated approach should be selected. This approach has to encompass the following 5 aspects:

  • Design technology architectures, management architectures as well as system management tools.

  • Design of the service solution including all the approved functional requirements resources as well as capabilities.

  • Process for design, implementation, operation and betterment of the services.

  • Design of the service portfolio for the management and the control of the services across the whole life-cycle.

  • Design of the measurement systems and methods for services, processes, architectures as well as underlying components.

The service design phase yields the description of the expected results of the services, the risks and influences of the new or altered service on existing services, processes as well as infrastructures. These results are normally written down in the service design packages (SDP) and accompanied by the service acceptance criteria (SAC).

The Importance of Choosing a Construction Company that Understands Design

While there are many construction companies out there today, not all of them are often familiar with the above critical aspects of a good architectural design.

Constructing a building structure without a deep understanding of the above features of a good architectural design may result in:

  • The misuse of materials leading to higher construction costs.

  • The construction of a structure system that is not in compliance with the environmental standards. (See: Construction on Wikipedia for more info.)

  • A building structure which is unable to withstand extreme conditions such as natural calamities e.g. earthquakes.

  • Many other negatives.

Because of this, should you be by any chance looking to hire a construction company for your construction needs, ensure that you only select a firm that knows exactly every detail involved in construction from scratch to a complete building structure. The benefits of working with well-informed architects are enormous. These professionals are important for the success of your construction project or even refurbishment. This is because they are involved from the conceptual stage of the project right through to the actual construction and the completion. Architects possess the expertise and knowledge of the relevant requirements and design principles that are critical for the completion of a construction project.

In other words, a builder who fully understands design will take your design and construction needs, interpret them ,prepare a concept, plan for them and later own begin construction using that framework. In order to perform all these functions, the expert needs to go through fully accredited training and extensive relevant experience to be successful in their area of specialty.

The other thing is that most builders do not understand design and so have to work side by side with an architect. This implies that you will have to part with extra amount of cash to obtain design services. However working with a company that also understands design will cut your construction cost significantly as the same professionals will take care of the design aspect of your construction project. In other words it is more cost effective to hire a construction company that understands design than that which does not.


A Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Construction Company


It is a daunting task to find the right construction firm as there are a number of things that should be considered before one makes the decision to construct any kind of building. With all the different structures that you may wish to build, you will want to do your best to make sure that the construction team tasked with doing this will be able to get the job done appropriately. Of course this is sometimes easier said than done and it is true that there are numerous failed attempts to construct nice buildings. Nonetheless, if you take your time to learn a bit more about constructions and how to build them, it won’t take time before you determine which company is ideal for your project.


The first thing that you will probably need to do is to agree upon the project itself which is something that can take a long duration. You may be looking to start a long term building project and depending on the duration it will take to complete that project, you might end up spending a lot of cash. Your budget is critical when considering just about any large scale construction project since it is always hard to estimate the exact amount of money that will be spent. It is normally possible to get a general overview but to know for certain the amount of cash that will be required for the full completion of an enormous construction unit can be quite difficult.

When it comes to finding a good construction company, you will really want to go out of your way to look for the firm which has the most practical experience and that which you know will get the job done right. 


 A good construction firm can be found nowadays but only after one puts a little effort into research.

With the extensive range of firms available to choose from, asking those that you trust their opinions for advise could also prove to be helpful.  As mentioned earlier, look for a construction company that has lots of experience and whose website offers an adequate construction project portfolio.  Sample:

You can find out a lot regarding the various construction companies operating in your area and probably, this information will really make it simple for you to make a decision on whether or not to hire a certain team for your building project. All in all, just ensure that you approach the search for building contractors with great caution and things will turn out for you. A construction company that understands design is a lot more beneficial that its counterpart which does not.

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