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Build Cheap, Build Twice

September 17, 2015

Build cheap, Build twice as same as Buy Cheap, Buy Twice.

Everyone knows this saying, but still, a lot of people looking for the cheapest deal possible but also saying, they want to get the best quality possible. This doesn't work out!


We try to give you the best prices possible on the market, and our profits are lower than in any other construction company in Khon Kaen. But we give you realistic prices, without adding more and more numbers after a project started, and also we do not downgrade in materials or labour when we find out, that we miscalculated on purpose. 




This is not how we run our company. We could tell you the cheapest price and beat everyone on the market but this won't work out at the end of the day due to we can't keep our high quality standards.


We have seen it a lot in the past, that clients came to us and asking, if we can continue their construction due to the first contractor / construction company came up with unbeatable prices but can't fulfill what was said on the contract. 


We had clients who had to pay the double of the agreed sum. The construction is by then already to 50 or 60% done, but all the money is gone. This happens often by miscalculation on part of the contractor or just not telling the real prizes before construction starts.


This means, at the end of the day, you might look for another construction company at the end of the day who finishes your building and paying maybe 30 - 50% more for the whole construction than with us. 


If you think, this is a "worst case scenario" then we can tell you, that this happens daily in Thailand.

Not everyone is a black sheep, but there are many out there.

We have seen half finished constructions where we came in and had no choice of pulling it all down due to botched up construction work.



If you hear a price for a building, and it sounds already too good to be true, then there must be something wrong. 


For a standard quality house, which is good quality already***, you can calculate around 11000 Thb per sqm if it's a 1 floor house. For a 2 floor house, it can be calculated with 12 - 13000 Thb per sqm.


We can build you a house, 3 bed, 3 bath, living, kitchen for under 1 million Bath. But we simply won't do this because you won't be happy with it !! 




If you do so, don't count terrace or any outside area. Only the pure living space.


*** Standard Quality: We call it standard quality, others call it A grade. We build houses only in 2 different qualities: Standard and Premium.


Premium is very close to western standards, our Standard quality is already so good, that you will have fun with your house for a very long time, without starting to renovate or fixing it after a couple of month, which is very often the case with wrong contractors.


It counts only, what you pay at the end of the day, not before your construction starts.


Also be aware, that your architect is licensed and gets the permission by the land office.

Imagin you finsihed your house, paying already more than agreed and you have to pull down your house after the land office comes around and tells you, that your building is illegal.





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