slimline pool Villa "cha am"

good Architect and construction company in khon kaen
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good Architect and construction company in khon kaen

This concept is meant to fulfill your luxury lifestyle in a modern design with a lot of space for everyone of your family members. The design is modern, paired with some loft alike elements.


The Slimline Pool Villa Cha Am is designed for narrow land plots.

Our concept contains a small guest house, which is not a must.

The small guest house would also be able to function as a room for grown up kids.

The main house comes with 2 or 3 bedrooms. On the ground floor you can find kitchen, small bathroom and living area with big windows, which bring sunlight in your living room.

Check out more pictures in information about this house concept here.

As same as all our concepts, if you like the design but want to make changes to the floor plans to fit your needs, please contact us and we will make each house fitting your needs.

For more information, please contact us.

 poolvilla CHa AM Concept

Living and kitchen: 44  sqm

Bath GF : 2.7 sqm

Entrance: 5.2 sqm
Bed 1 UF:  25.5 sqm
Bath 1 UF: 14 sqm
Bed 2 UF: 22 sqm
Bath 2 UF: 6.3 sqm
Bed 3 UF: 14 sqm

Balcony UF: 8.3 sqm

Living Guesthouse: 32 sqm
Bath Guesthouse : 7.5 sqm
Terrace and Pool: 88 sqm

Hallway, Stairhouse : 14 sqm 

Garage / Front Area incl. Walkway: 62.5 sqm
Total: 346  sqm

Living Space: 195 sqm
Land minimum: 8m* 35 m = ~280 sqm 

khon kaen loft house builder
khon kaen loft house builder
Pool Villa Khon Kaen
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Bedroom by the pool