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Build cheap, Build twice


Everyone knows this saying, but still, a lot of people looking for the cheapest deal possible but also saying, they want to get the best quality possible. This doesn't work out!


We try to give you the best prices possible on the market, and our profits are lower than in any other construction company in Khon Kaen. But we give you realistic prices, without adding more and more numbers after a project started, and also we do not downgrade in materials or labour when we find out, that we miscalculated on purpose. 

This is not how we run our company. We could tell you the cheapest price and beat everyone on the market but this won't work out at the end of the day due to we can't keep our high quality standards.


We have seen it a lot in the past, that clients came to us and asking, if we can continue their construction due to the first contractor / construction company came up with unbeatable prices but can't fulfill what was said on the contract. 


We had clients who had to pay the double of the agreed sum. The construction is by then already to 50 or 60% done, but all the money is gone. This happens often by miscalculation on part of the contractor or just not telling the real prizes before construction starts.


This means, at the end of the day, you might look for another construction company at the end of the day who finishes your building and paying maybe 30 - 50% more for the whole construction than with us. 


If you think, this is a "worst case scenario" then we can tell you, that this happens daily in Thailand.

Not everyone is a black sheep, but there are many out there.

We have seen half finished constructions where we came in and had no choice of pulling it all down due to botched up construction work.

If you hear a price for a building, and it sounds already too good to be true, then there must be something wrong. 


For a standard quality house, which is good quality already***, you can calculate around 11000 Thb per sqm if it's a 1 floor house. For a 2 floor house, it can be calculated with 12 - 13000 Thb per sqm.


We can build you a house, 3 bed, 3 bath, living, kitchen for under 1 million Bath. But we simply won't do this because you won't be happy with it !! 



If you do so, don't count terrace or any outside area. Only the pure living space.


*** Standard Quality: We call it standard quality, others call it A grade. We build houses only in 2 different qualities: Standard and Premium.


Premium is very close to western standards, our Standard quality is already so good, that you will have fun with your house for a very long time, without starting to renovate or fixing it after a couple of month, which is very often the case with wrong contractors.


It counts only, what you pay at the end of the day, not before your construction starts.


Also be aware, that your architect is licensed and gets the permission by the land office.

Imagin you finsihed your house, paying already more than agreed and you have to pull down your house after the land office comes around and tells you, that your building is illegal.






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khon kaen house building real estate.JPG 2014-12-18-10:21:5

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Khon Kaen House Building.jpg 2014-12-18-13:22:50

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Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, your Architect, Construction and

Renovation Company provides its clients with top quality renovation and construction services, finished to an exceptional standard whilst remaining flexible to our clients’ changing needs


No job too small, no job too big. We are not playing with cheap materials and the highest standards are just good enough.

We Build For You

Sanmanoch&HOFMANN has been successfully building for its clients for many years. We are ready to fulfill your building needs. Whether you desire a full renovation to create your new dream home or just a small development or enhancement to add value and space to your property, we are here to assist. Sanmanoch&HOFMANN can propose and carry out the best building solutions for you to achieve your building goals, within your budget and in a short time-frame.

We have gained a strong reputation from our clients based on offering high quality building products, installation, customer service and value for money. Sanmanoch&HOFMANN Renovation remains committed to raising the standards of quality and integrity – in an industry where these cannot be taken for granted.

All of our work is fully guaranteed and comprehensively insured. We provide our own skilled fitters to ensure the highest standards are upheld.


We operate seven days a week to ensure that your disruption is minimized. We fully respect your property, space and lifestyle throughout the course of the project.

Contact us now on: 083/2870104 or  for a no obligation quote or a discussion about you building requirements.

Have a look at the 

construction of  a current, not finished project.

We are your Architect in Khon Kaen and Isaan. From design and town planning through to construction, we, with our architects and engineers will deliver your plans for better living. We specialise only in quality residential and small commercial projects in Khon Kaen and Isaan  - no project is too small - and we guarantee you the attention to detail and quality of service you deserve.


Customised for you


We know families come in all shapes and sizes. Your Architect designs
for you, your family, your lifestyle and your budget, whether:

  • your family is expanding and your house needs an extension too

  • you’re looking to build your own grand design or renovate one(in one hit or staged)

  • you’ve had enough of your old bathroom or kitchen or would love toadd a deck (small projects)

  • you’d like to downsize elegantly.


Your architect and contractor in Khon Kaen, Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, strives for the very best outcomes that match your lifestyle goals and will always provide you with honest and practical advice, and value for money. Our absolute priority is to ensure our clients are happy with the result.


Sanmanoch&HOFMANN is your architect to contact in Khon Kaen, but also servicing in whole Thailand..

Read more about us or contact us today to get started .


Architects sometimes seem unapproachable, unaffordable and unrealistic. Your architects from Sanmanoch&HOFMANN are none of the above. We are creative and professional, and also approachable and reliable. We know it’s a big decision to engage an architect, but it was never easier before to get professional construction plans done, and the best is, if you build your house with Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, the plans are free.


Feel free to look around on, check out our housetypes we have planned already. This will give you a sense for how we work, and if you contact us and tell us your ideas how your dream house should be, you’ll hear our initial thoughts about your project and we can start planning together with daily updates, so you will see your house growing..

Read more about some of our previous work or how to get started with your number one  architect in Khon Kaen, or pick up the phone and talk to us because we will always make time.



Construction in Khon Kaen


Every construction process is unique and depends on the scope and complexity of the project. But each time a sustainable house is built, the process follows typical steps, and the principles are similar for smaller scale projects like renovations.What do you have to do if you want to build your house in Khon Kaen or Isaan?!


Choosing your builder in Khon Kaen.


Before you get to the stage of choosing a builder in Khon Kaen, your research and design process will have yielded finished design documents to put out for tender by builders. If you have no design ideas yet, contact your professional home builder in Khon Kaen now.


Sanmanoch&Hofmann will give you the fairest quotation and best quality in building material and modern design of your choice.


In either case, note in your tender documents that you are ‘not obliged to accept the lowest or any tender’.

Our architect and designer in Khon Kaen generally helps choose builders to tender for a project, based on recommendations and past experience.Sanmanoch&HOFMANN has experience for more than 20 years. 


Your choice of builder is almost as critical as your choice of a designer. With Sanmanoch&Hofmann, you can find both. We have a professional designer and architect in Khon Kaen, also an engineer  who gurantees a professional building plan which is also accepted by the land office.

The principal role of Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, your house builder in Khon Kaen, is to coordinate the building works as project manager. This role includes supervising and coordinating each trade; sourcing, quantifying and coordinating delivery of materials; and, most importantly, quality-assuring the entire process! 


Some builders and trades people are understandably risk-averse and tend to manage risk by using tried and proven materials and practices. Sustainable outcomes often require the use of innovative materials and practices. To avoid problems later, ensure each builder is made aware of your commitment to a sustainable home when they are invited to tender. Sanmanoch&Hofmann, your Khon Kaen Construction Company, is also in this case the right choice.