pool Villa "Kalasin"

Modern designed Villa with Swimming Pool

Home builder khon kaen

Modern poolvilla Kalasin Concept

Living and dining:  69 sqm

Kitchen: 15 sqm

Bath GF : 6.6 sqm

Guest Bath GF: 1.5 sqm
Bed 1 GF
doubleroom:  25.5 sqm
Bath 1 UF: 6.6 sqm
Bed 2 UF: 23 sqm
Bed 3 UF:  17 sqm

Storage Kitchen : 2.6 sqm
Terrace and Pool:  177 sqm
Balcony UF:  11.5 sqm

Hallway, Stairhouse :  18.5 sqm 
Total: ~ 355  sqm
Living Space: 169 sqm
Land minimum: 24 m x 16.5 m = ~ 396 sqm 

The pool villa "Kalasin" concept is our latest idea of perfect design and modern architecture. If you love free space, an open gallery and modern materials, then this is the house concept for you. If you like the design only, but you are not sattisfied with the floorplan, we will copy the design concept to any floor plan which suits you.

Pool Villa Kalasin comes with 3 Bedrooms, a huge open living and dining space, storage room and 2 bathrooms. Contact us if you like this style or keep looking on our website to find other house concepts ready to be built for you.

floor plan 1.jpg
floor plan 2.jpg