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 affordable bungalow "The atrium"

The Atrium is a nice and modern bungalow which took different accents of thai style villas. The house style is open, so there is no direct floor to the rooms (which can get changed) A direct access to terrace and pool from all rooms is possible. The Atrium House comes with 3 bedrooms, 3 bath,  a big Living-, Dining,- and Cooking area, where everyone meets, eats, drinks or enjoys movies.

Another hot spot of the house it the terrace area under the roof near the entrance area.

Even in monsum time you can sit here with your loved ones and

enjoy beeing outside.

The pool was desinged to give you a quick refreshment but

to keep it simple and easy to take care of.

Feel free to contact us and get more details.

If you ever leave your house, and want to look it up to the pool side, there are 3 big sliding glas panels which are movable. So the house will be completely locked to anyone else, which gives you privacy and safety.

Home Builder Khon Kaen Bungalow

<- Locked by glas panels

Specs: (estimated sizes from concept)

Please find further down also our 3D-Cut of the house.

Ground Floor:

Dining:  27m²

Kitchen:  28m²

Living room area:  35m²

Bath 1:     7m²

Bedroom 1:  16m²

Bathroom 2:     7m²

Terrace under roof:   32m²

Bedroom 2:   24m²

Bedroom 3:   22m²

Bathroom 3:     6m²

Garage:   33m²

Terrace with Pool:   75m²


Living Space:  172 m²

Total estimated: 280 m²

Floor Plan 2.JPG