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Welcome to Sanmanoch&Hofmann.

We are the House Building Company in Khon Kaen, you are looking for.

We will build anything you need: Town houses, Town homes, Villas, Pool Villas and complete Village Estates, in the absolute best quality possible with professional employees, architects and high quality materials.

We also do renovation work and / or interiour work of any kind.

Nothing too big, nothing too small.

Our Prices are the best on the market, because we have learned to live with a smaller profit than other companies, without saving money on cheap materials.

- High Quality real Estate in Khon Kaen

- Fair Prices - Satisfied Clients!

Architect Khon Kaen Office House Builder

TW Group

Mr. Yudklang (Krit)
Owner + Architect
Best Khon Kaen Construction Company
Best Khon Kaen Construction Company
Co-Owner and Costumer Relations
Mrs Punjaree Hofmann (Nui)

Sawadee Khrap, 

I am a registered architect and COO of Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, and I'm looking forward to designing your dream house in Khon Kaen or anywhere in Thailand. 

To design your dream house I need your ideas and visions to make it perfect. I will assist in the whole building process. 

Please feel free to contact me

for any question you have. 

I'm in the construction and house building business since 26 years.

Mr. Meng

Dear sir or madam, 


thanks to visit our site. I am the CEO of Sanmanoch&HOFMANN and will accompany through the whole planning and building process. Whatever you'd like to have done, I will make your ideas and dreams come true for your dream house. 


We founded the company in 2011, but Sanmanoch&Hofmann have experience in House Building since over 20 years all over Thailand.

I speak English and Thai. Feel free to contact me.

Mr. Tum

Sawadee khrap, 

I am Mr. Tum, Engineer for Sanmanoch&HOFMANN and TW Group since many years. I have experience in the construction business for over 17 years.

Our architects will forward me your house plans and I will check everything for static and structure.

I also design own structures for small houses up to big commercial buildings.

Ms. Goi

I am Architect Goi.

I will assist your from the very first stage of planning and designing your house and will also visit the construction site regularly to make sure, every stage is completed as stated in the contract, with highest quality and professionalism.


Whatever you have in mind, I will help you to realize your ideas and visions to make your new home to 100% as you expect it to be.


Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Khon Kaen Construction Company
Junior Architect
Mr. Warapong (John)

Dear new House Owner, 


If you have decided to build your dream house with Sanmanoch&Hofmann, 

I'll be one of 3 foremen who will take care of the whole process now.

I'm a foreman and have 22 years experience in construction.

I 've built many projects for example: Housing Estates. Pool Villas, Mansions, Townhouses, Townhomes and commercial Buildings.

I will make sure, that your house gets the best quality and the fastest progress possible.


Saving money and using cheap materials is a NO GO in our company! That's a guarantee!

I am the junior architect at Sanmanoch & Hofmann.

I will assist you with designing your floor plan​ accounting your ideas.

I also will make 3D Render pictures, videos and  everything related to structure and interior design.

I am looking forward to new challenges. I am sure, that I will fulfill your visions and ideas about your dream house.

Contact me if you have further questions.

Best Quality


Sawadee Khrap, 


I am Meng and I will be there for you and accompany you from the groundbreaking till your moving in.


I am an architect since 16 years and also registered and studied in Korat University.

I love to design houses involving client´s ideas and following a project from start to finish in highest quality.

Thats what we stand for.

Quality - Satisfaction-Transparency and Professionalism.

Ms. Wiraporn (Aey)
Graphic Designer

I am graphic designer at Sanmanoch&HOFMANN and TW Group since 2 years. 

I will realize the photo renders, project presentation and I am also your contact person in the office. I speak English and Thai.

Feel free to visit us and ask me any question you have.


Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Khon Kaen Construction Company
Ms. Amy
Translation and Service

My name is Amy.

I will assist your from the very first stage of planning and designing your house and will also visit the construction site regularly to make sure, every stage is completed as stated in the contract, with highest quality and professionalism.

Whatever you have in mind, I will help you to realize your ideas and visions to make your new home to 100% as you expect it to be.


Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Best Khon Kaen Construction Company

360/11 Glang Muang Road

Muang Khon Kaen, 

Khon Kaen, 40000


Please make an appointment before visiting us to guarantee that we are there for you.

Best House Builder in Khon Kaen



- I want to build a house. How much will it cost?

We won´t be able to give you a satisfying answer. We have no idea how big your house shall be, how many floors, do you need a swimming pool, how is the land plot (ready to build?) and which building standard you need.

Also we have no idea which building style you like, which kind of roof you want and which extras your house will include. 

A standard answer we can give you here:

Your house will cost between 1,000,000 THB up to 100,000,000 Thb.

- Why are your houses expensive? My local builder does the same house for half of the money!

"If you think a professional is expensive, try to hire an amateur."

We are not more expensive than any other professional builder. Yes, there are local builders in some villages you have heard of, or a family member know them. And sure they will tell you it´s all A-Grade.


The question is: What is your vision of an A-Grade house, what is their vision of A-Grade?

I, Punjaree Hofmann, did long time ago, before I even was in the building business, the same fault, and hired people my family knew. What a desaster, and at the end I paid on top. The renovation / building project was more expensive than by a professional builder, and it was never to 100% as planned.

We also had clients who built before with local, non official companies. We had to pull down many started projects and started from zero again. 

- I came to your office, but no one was there!

If you like to visit our office, please make an appointment via our contact form or simply leave your number and we will call you. If we make an appointment and get your visions in front, we will be also prepared for our meeting and can give you more details and answers to all your questions.

- Why do I have to pay for the building plans, you said they are for free.

Our goal is to make for every client a unique house, due to every client is unique. The money we earn, we want to earn with the building itself. There is no money to earn with building plans. So we give you our building plans for free, if you decide to build with us. If you find someone else who shall build your house, the deposit for your building plan stays with us due to we have spent a lot of time doing it. A Ready - To- Build - Building plan is not done within 2 hours. And for sure, you can use the building plans with another builder.


- The contract says 2 weeks, now it took already 4 weeks. 

A usual building plan is done within 2 weeks time. If you have multiple changes to do or want special renders of your plan, it will extend the time to finish. The floor plan and renders are the pre-work of your building plan. If this is to 100% to your satisfaction, the real work starts and takes up to two weeks.

- My wife/husband has land, let´s build. What should go wrong?

In our history, we have seen a lot of relationships fail to work and,if the foreign part was the one who paid for the whole construction, was left with nothing. Do yourself a favor: If you are a foreigner and you would like to pay for the whole construction, at least get a 30 years lease with/from your Thai partner. We can´t say that often enough.

- I´m planning to build a house, what do you need?

If you plan to build a house in Thailand, and it should not be a standard house off the shelf, then we need to know as much as possible from your visions.

- Pictures of houses you like (taken from the internet or your own photographs) Or chose one of our design concepts.

- a floor plan (very simple, just a sketch is enough)

- tell us what you like, show us designs you like, ...everything what can help us to imagine.

You can send it straight to:


From design and town planning through to construction, we, our architects and engineers, will deliver your plans for better living. We specialise only in quality residential and small commercial projects in Khon Kaen and Isaan  - no project is too small - and we guarantee you the attention to detail and quality of service you deserve

Customised for you


We know families come in all shapes and sizes. Your Architect designs
for you, your family, your lifestyle and your budget, whether:


  • your family is expanding and your house needs an extension too

  • you’re looking to build your own grand design or renovate one(in one hit or staged)

  • you’ve had enough of your old bathroom or kitchen or would love to add a deck (small projects)

  • you’d like to downsize elegantly.


Your architect and contractor in Khon Kaen, Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, strives for the very best outcomes that match your lifestyle goals and will always provide you with honest and practical advice, and value for money. Our absolute priority is to ensure our clients are happy with the result.


Sanmanoch&HOFMANN is your architect to contact in Khon Kaen, but also servicing in whole Thailand..

Read more about us or contact us today to get started .


Architects sometimes seem unapproachable, unaffordable and unrealistic. Your architects from Sanmanoch&HOFMANN are none of the above. We are creative and professional, and also approachable and reliable. We know it’s a big decision to engage an architect, but it was never easier before to get professional construction plans done, and the best is, if you build your house with Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, the plans are free.


Feel free to look around on, check out our housetypes we have planned already. This will give you a sense for how we work, and if you contact us and tell us your ideas how your dream house should be, you’ll hear our initial thoughts about your project and we can start planning together with daily updates, so you will see your house growing..

Read more about some of our previous work or how to get started with your number one  architect in Khon Kaen, or pick up the phone and talk to us because we will always make time.


Sanmanoch&HOFMANN´s approach to design is to treat each project with respect to its functional and aesthetic concern without straying from our client’s vision, budget and schedule.  

We have a passion for creating environments that are inviting, accessible and functional, and that also encourage inspiration and connection.

Our design philosophy is grounded in research, analysis, exploration and dedication to innovative planning and design excellence. Sanmanoch&HOFMANN House Builder and architect in Khon Kaen provides a clear and concise inter-disciplinary coordination between the design team and the CM/Contractor, which maximizes time and Baht values. We believe the best design is a product of creative collaboration.

Consistently delivering facilities that not only appeal to the senses but also function freely is our standard of practice. We are committed to “design that exceeds expectations.” 


From site preparation to building completion, we oversee every detail of the design and construction processes. Our goal is to turn our client’s architectural needs into reality.


We ensure our projects meet or exceed aesthetic, environmental, safety, structural, and zoning standards.  Our team of professionals is committed to the innovative design, planning and management of buildings and environments that enrich the cities and communities we serve.


Our full architectural services include building and interior design, contract documents, project management, construction administration, programming and planning.


We provide innovative design solutions for each project, whether it’s new construction, remodeling, renovation, an addition or a combination of these projects. Our designs reflect sustainable, leading-edge architecture that transcends form and function in every project we manage.

Interior Design

In unity with architecture, the interior environment plays a powerful role in producing a striking visual appeal, effortless function, and the utmost comfort. The roles of the architect and interior designer are intertwined to create high-performance sustainable environments that inspire creativity and are conducive to promoting the health and energy of the company.

Sustainable Design

Sanmanoch&HOFMANN architect and house builder in Khon Kaen approach to Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design is to meet the current building system needs while anticipating future needs. Our priority is to create state-of-the-art systems that provide the highest level of energy efficiency, air quality, comfort and cost-effectiveness.

We are well poised to work with you to develop the most functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing facility within your budget.

We are your Architect and hous building companyin Khon Kaen and Isaan.



The construction process


Every construction process is unique and depends on the scope and complexity of the project. But each time a sustainable house is built, the process follows typical steps, and the principles are similar for smaller scale projects like renovations.What do you have to do if you want to build your house in Khon Kaen or Isaan?!


Choosing your builder in Khon Kaen.


Before you get to the stage of choosing a builder in Khon Kaen, your research and design process will have yielded finished design documents to put out for tender by builders. If you have no design ideas yet, contact your professional home builder in Khon Kaen now.


Sanmanoch&Hofmann will give you the fairest quotation and best quality in building material and modern design of your choice.


In either case, note in your tender documents that you are ‘not obliged to accept the lowest or any tender’.

Our architect and designer in Khon Kaen generally helps choose builders to tender for a project, based on recommendations and past experience.Sanmanoch&HOFMANN has experience for more than 20 years. 


Your choice of builder is almost as critical as your choice of a designer. With Sanmanoch&Hofmann, you can find both. We have a professional designer and architect in Khon Kaen, also an engineer  who gurantees a professional building plan which is also accepted by the land office.

The principal role of Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, your house builder in Khon Kaen, is to coordinate the building works as project manager. This role includes supervising and coordinating each trade; sourcing, quantifying and coordinating delivery of materials; and, most importantly, quality-assuring the entire process! 


Some builders and trades people are understandably risk-averse and tend to manage risk by using tried and proven materials and practices. Sustainable outcomes often require the use of innovative materials and practices. To avoid problems later, ensure each builder is made aware of your commitment to a sustainable home when they are invited to tender. Sanmanoch&Hofmann, your Khon Kaen Construction Company, is also in this case the right choice.