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 Bungalow "Chaiyaphum"

Housebuilder chayaphum architect
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This concept of a modern bungalow was designed together with our client. We used an existing concept and upgraded it with a car park and changed little details to fit our client´s needs.

It comes with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a nice living area and a kitchen. 

It has also an outdoor kitchen.

Feel free to contact us and get more details.

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A bungalow is a type of house having only one storey or,

in some cases like in the Western design, upper rooms set in the

roof, typically with dormer windows such as attic windows.

In Thailand bungalows are kind of popular in upcountry and many

people prefer them as rural homes.

In this modern age, bungalows have increasingly become sought

after in urban lifestyle because of the unique advantages these

house types have over multi-storey houses.

If you are thinking of building a house in Khon Kaen or anywhere 

in Thailand, you should seriously consider bungalow living.

Here are four stunning advantages to bungalow living.

All Round Home

The one-storey layout of a bungalow makes it the perfect living situation for both young and old generation. Elderly homeowners can maintain their independence with this accessible floor plan. Bungalows make great homes for individuals with mobility limitations. Bungalows allow everyone to easily and comfortably access the entire living area. Especially for those with hip and back issues, having to navigate up and down stairs daily can be quite taxing. With all of the living area on one floor, bungalows in built by Sanmanoch&HOFMANN are perfectly suited for anyone.


Bungalows are often built on nice large compounds. As opposed to townhomes and split houses, where you practically sit on top of your neighbours or side by side, bungalows offer a lot of privacy. You’ll appreciate a nice wide space with a gorgeous backyard when settling for Bungalows in Khon Kaen area which stand alone on approximately a bit over a quarter of a rai (ngan).

Open-Plan Design

Many people enjoy the bright, spacious, and open feel of bungalow living. With the right layout, everything feels airy and sunny as opposed to other home designs that might feel cramped and dim. Delight your guests with an open plan concept such as open-plan kitchen layout and large living room windows.

Kid-Friendly Living

Bungalows are not only a perfect retirement home for senior citizens, these homes can also be the perfect fit for families with young children. Having your young children tumble down the stairs is a common fear for many parents, but even just having the kids playing on a different floor can be a cause of worry. Avoid these issues with a family-friendly bungalow.

Bungalows built from Sanmanoch&HOFMANN offer many fantastic benefits. Take advantage and start your happy bungalow living today. These homes are ideal for both young and old families.