2020 Design Line

Our new Concepts from 2020. Get some ideas from these concepts.

Choose the style you like. Do you want a bungalow, or better 2 storeys?

Swimming pool? Big Garden?

Flat roof or pitched roof?

Modern or classic? 100 or 400 sqm or even bigger? 

We are happy to design your dream house with you. Feel free to contact us anytime and tell us your ideas.

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Live and Work Villa " The Box". It´s not only the name. This Villa was designed for people who like to have a lot of space, paired with working space. The Working Space allows you to welcome clients in your home office. Further it is possible to exchange this area with a huge master Bathroom and another bed room. As always, the actual floor plan of this house can get changed to git your needs.

Read more here and see specs.

Live and Work Villa " The Box". It´s not only the name. This Villa was designed for people who like to have a lot of space, paired with working space. The Working Space allows you to welcome clients in your home office. Further it is possible to exchange this area with a huge master Bathroom and another bed room. As always, the actual floor plan of this house can get changed to git your needs.

Read more here and see specs.

If you like classic Thai villas, then you might like our Classic Villa Nakorn Phanom, in traditional design on 2 different levels. Come up with your own ideas and we will change the floor plan together with you, so it will to 100% suit you.

If you like the floor plan, but classic is not yours, feel free to let us change the "skin of the house" to a modern villa style.

Everything is possible.

The Slimline Pool Villa Cha Am is designed for narrow land plots.

Our concept contains a small guest house, which is not a must.

The small guest house would also be able to function as a room for grown up kids.

The main house comes with 2 or 3 bedrooms. On the ground floor you can find kitchen, small bathroom and living area with big windows, which bring sunlight in your living room.

Check out more pictures in information about this house concept here.

Chai Ya Phum

Classic Villa Chai Ya Phum

This concept of a modern bungalow was designed together with our client. We used an existing concept and upgraded it with a car park and changed little details to fit our client´s needs.

It comes with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a nice living area and a kitchen. 

It has also an outdoor kitchen.

Back to the roots.

This house design is classic and comes in 4 differnet types / floor plans.

If these still do not satisfy you, let us create the floor plan together fitting your needs. This house design, from our licenced architect, needs only 230sqm land size.

If you own a bigger land then please feel free to get a design for the front yard or garden at the back as well.


The house inlcudes in all types a dining room and indoor kitchen and an outdoor thai kitchen. Each room comes with a bathroom.


Also, there is in every different house type a littl ebath for your guests and visitors.


Click here, to see the different types.

The pool villa "Phuket" is a concept which mixes up modern design, high quality materials and affordable living.

This concept is made using small space and low squaremeter in total with the focus lieing on the pool and terrace.

Click here for more information about Pool Villa Phuket.

This kind of design or parts of it can be used with any floor plan you might have in mind.

Feel free to contact us and tell us your visions to make your dream home come true.

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Town Houses
    Town Homes

Pool Villa Sweden is a U-Shaped Classic Villa which was designed for a client who had already land with higher ground. 

You can park your car underground and walk straight up to your living room and jump into your pool.

See more here.

We are your Architect in Khon Kaen and Isaan.

From design and town planning through to construction, we,  our architects and engineers, will deliver your plans for better living. We specialise only in quality residential and small commercial projects in Khon Kaen and Isaan  - no project is too small - and we guarantee you the attention to detail and quality of service you deserve.



Customised for you


We know families come in all shapes and sizes. Your Architect designs
for you, your family, your lifestyle and your budget, whether:


  • your family is expanding and your house needs an extension too

  • you’re looking to build your own grand design or renovate one(in one hit or staged)

  • you’ve had enough of your old bathroom or kitchen or would love toadd a deck (small projects)

  • you’d like to downsize elegantly.


Your architect and contractor in Khon Kaen, Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, strives for the very best outcomes that match your lifestyle goals and will always provide you with honest and practical advice, and value for money. Our absolute priority is to ensure our clients are happy with the result.


Sanmanoch&HOFMANN is your architect to contact in Khon Kaen, but also servicing in whole Thailand..

Read more about us or contact us today to get started .


Architects sometimes seem unapproachable, unaffordable and unrealistic. Your architects from Sanmanoch&HOFMANN are none of the above. We are creative and professional, and also approachable and reliable. We know it’s a big decision to engage an architect, but it was never easier before to get professional construction plans done, and the best is, if you build your house with Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, the plans are free.


Feel free to look around on www.khon-kaen-house.com, check out our housetypes we have planned already. This will give you a sense for how we work, and if you contact us and tell us your ideas how your dream house should be, you’ll hear our initial thoughts about your project and we can start planning together with daily updates, so you will see your house growing..

Read more about some of our previous work or how to get started with your number one  architect in Khon Kaen, or pick up the phone and talk to us because we will always make time.



The construction process


Every construction process is unique and depends on the scope and complexity of the project. But each time a sustainable house is built, the process follows typical steps, and the principles are similar for smaller scale projects like renovations.What do you have to do if you want to build your house in Khon Kaen or Isaan?!


Choosing your builder in Khon Kaen.


Before you get to the stage of choosing a builder in Khon Kaen, your research and design process will have yielded finished design documents to put out for tender by builders. If you have no design ideas yet, contact your professional home builder in Khon Kaen now.


Sanmanoch&Hofmann will give you the fairest quotation and best quality in building material and modern design of your choice.


In either case, note in your tender documents that you are ‘not obliged to accept the lowest or any tender’.

Our architect and designer in Khon Kaen generally helps choose builders to tender for a project, based on recommendations and past experience.Sanmanoch&HOFMANN has experience for more than 20 years. 


Your choice of builder is almost as critical as your choice of a designer. With Sanmanoch&Hofmann, you can find both. We have a professional designer and architect in Khon Kaen, also an engineer  who gurantees a professional building plan which is also accepted by the land office.

The principal role of Sanmanoch&HOFMANN, your house builder in Khon Kaen, is to coordinate the building works as project manager. This role includes supervising and coordinating each trade; sourcing, quantifying and coordinating delivery of materials; and, most importantly, quality-assuring the entire process! 


Some builders and trades people are understandably risk-averse and tend to manage risk by using tried and proven materials and practices. Sustainable outcomes often require the use of innovative materials and practices. To avoid problems later, ensure each builder is made aware of your commitment to a sustainable home when they are invited to tender. Sanmanoch&Hofmann, your Khon Kaen Construction Company, is also in this case the right choice.



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Dream Houses

from your architect in Khon Kaen

Pool Villa in Khon Kaen
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